Paddock BioGreen

Paddock BioGreen


This living fermented solution delivers beneficial microbes and minerals to help improve soil condition naturally. It provides all the elements, nutrients and minerals, needed for healthy soil and plants. Healthier soil means a healthier pasture which means healthier animals.

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The effects are not guaranteed and results may vary.


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This liquid solution can be applied directly to your pasture with no need to withdraw animals. It boosts soil health and fertility, eliminates the need for fertilisers and reduces costs. It is ideal for both small individual fields and large areas and can be applied by backpack, quad or tractor sprayer. It enhances your horse’s health by introducing beneficial microbes to the gut as they graze. It promotes plants natural resistance to pests and diseases, revitalises the biological activity of the soil, improves moisture and nutrient retention, stimulates root growth, and earthworms and greener, hardier grass.

What's in it?

Hand brewed with love and water, sugar cane molasses (entirely used up during fermentation), beneficial microbes and yeasts, concentrated liquid minerals, folic and humic acid.

The effects are not guaranteed and results may vary.

Using your microbes

On pasture: For tractor sprayer, dilute 1:10 with un-chlorinated water. 50 litre diluted solution covers 0.5 acre. For backpack application dilute 1:10 and spray until leaves are moist. Apply 4-6 times per year. Newly seeded areas: apply to shoots and young plants 1:50 dilution. Un-chlorinated water works best: use a filter or allow tap water to stand for 30mins for the chlorine to evaporate. Do not apply in direct sunlight. For optimum results apply early morning or late afternoon. Safe for animals to return immediately after application.

Caring for your microbes

Keep at room temperature, out of sunlight and do not drink.


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