Horse MagOil

Horse MagOil


Magnesium – often called the ‘Miracle Mineral’.

Magnesium is an essential mineral and it has, because of ‘over-farming’, become increasingly depleted in our soils, grazing, forage and foods.

Horse MagOil aims to help horses cope with stress and muscle strain, calming and relaxing them. Absorption through the skin works best. Dilute and use as a body wash, or in a poultice. Or apply directly to the tips of your horses ears – therapy for you both.

Available in 1Litre

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The effects are not guaranteed and results may vary.

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Magnesium is crucial for overall health, being an essential mineral for hundreds of biochemical reactions. Due to modern ‘over-farming’ grazing and hay contain fewer essential minerals.

Magnesium regulates hundreds of enzymes in the body activating the ones necessary for the metabolism of carbohydrates and amino acids. Magnesium is required for proper nerve and muscle function, it works alongside calcium in the body. Calcium contracts the muscle and magnesium is responsible for its relaxing. When there is insufficient magnesium the muscle cannot relax properly.

So, boosting magnesium levels gives a horse more ability to cope with stress.

For more information abot magnesium and horses, read this.

What's in it?

Ingredients: deep ocean sea water and magnesium chloride in a dense, low sodium organic solution.

The effects are not guaranteed and results may vary.

How to use?

Our Horse MagOil is in liquid form making it much easier for the horse to absorb and to avoid it having to go via the gut. For quick, effective recovery from muscle injury and strains apply diluted to the skin as body or foot wash. Dilute 2:1 with warm water and gently sponge where required, or soak towels and lay them over the horse for 10 minutes – think mineral bath spa! Dilute more if horse is sensitive to treatment.

I use it straight from the bottle rubbing it in to the tips of my horses ears with my fingers – therapeutic for us both.




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