Probiotics for your Horse

Friendly families of microbes and beneficial herbs working together for the good of your horse

Microbes are the oldest organisms on earth.  All animals have a microbiome – the trillions of microbes that live in everyone and everything. In the gut, they help extract and absorb essential nutrients and minerals from the animal’s food. The gut is the biggest immunity organ in the body and crucial to overall health.

Acquiring a microbiome starts in the birth canal and is then influenced by the environment. A foal will build its microbiome from the mare’s milk which is full of microbes, and, as grass is introduced, the gut flora develops. By the time horses reach adulthood they have acquired thousands of different species of bacteria. But over-farming, increasing use of antibiotics and chlorinated water can start to deplete the diversity of microbes in the gut and unbalance the cycle of life.

Our aim is to re-balance the microbiome with good bacteria. We combine phytosynthetics – the building blocks of life – with yeasts – which give our Horse BioNutrition life in the same way they do in bread or beer. Finally, there are the lactobacillus which protect against pathogens – these are the workers accelerating the digestion of organic matter.

We further improve the health-giving properties and nutritional diversity by adding fermented organic herbs: caraway, yarrow, aniseed, fennel, birch leaves, goldenrod, rosemary, peppermint, marshmallow root and raspberry leaves.

It can be especially beneficial to use Horse BioNutrition in high-stress situations like travel, competing, changes of feed, water or the environment but it is a useful daily tonic that is a must in your feed room.

The 30-day brewing process that we do on our farm in Wiltshire ensures that all the sugars in the molasses used to activate the microbes are fully spent by the time we bottle the product.

Horse BioNutrition

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