Friendly bacteria to promote a clean and healthy habitat

Friendly bacteria to promote a clean and healthy habitat – helping to create a naturally clean environment for your horse, chemically free

Neutralise odours, reduce flies and provide your horse with a calm, clean and microbe-rich environment with Stable Bio-Fresh.

Everything – dust, air, bedding – carries microbes. In fact, if microbes were red then the whole world would be! In this context we can see that ‘disinfecting’ is a fairly pointless activity. Using Stable Bio-Fresh regularly by spraying on wet floors after mucking out, on bedding when making up new beds, on stable walls and doors and the good microbes outnumber the bad guys (pathogens) and create healthy environments.

To use: dilute Stable Bio-Fresh in water in a spray bottle. It’s best to use rainwater, but if that’s not available then pour some mains water and let it stand for a while so the chlorine – that kills the bad microbes and the good ones – dissipates into the air. A little goes a long way and as well as being healthier it is also economical. The pressure spray bottles are great for creating a fine powerful mist but you could re-use an old spray bottle though be sure to try and make sure there are no chemical residues that may kill our friendly bacteria.

Enrich your paddocks with Paddock BioGreen. It encourages strong growth and diverse species on your grazing. The subsoil develops into an active ‘bio-filter’ that binds nutrients, improves the soil quality allowing desirable herbs and grasses to stand up to those paddock bullies – docks and nettles. When the soil is teeming with good microbes then the grazing is healthy and diverse which, in turn, helps support a healthy digestive system for your horse. Horses thrive in rich, diverse and natural microbial environments. It’s how they evolved.

Stable BioFresh

£25.95 – £64.95

Paddock BioGreen

£40.00 – £145.00

Trough BioFresh


Compost Activator

£8.50 – £22.50

Pressure Spray – 1.25L


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