Many of you will know from our Microbz for Horses social media feeds @microbz4horses on Twitter and Microbz for Horses on FaceBook that we have a new horse, Toffee.

Toffee came to us from Ferne Animal Sanctuary, and you can read his back story here. Long story short Toffee is 5, has been neglected and was malnourished when Ferne took him in. They have done absolute wonders with him and our task is to build on that great work.

He’s terribly well-bred with looks and attitude to match.

He is pretty, but quite under-developed. His feet and legs are those of a yearling. He is, of course, also very green.

His journey from Somerset to Wiltshire went well, Nikki and Annie from Ferne had put in loads of time preparing him for travel. Paul Hulbert’s enormous lorry – The Purple Princess – delivered this small horse but Toffee was unfazed by the whole experience. Which, given he’s spent so long locked in a dark barn is testimony to the fabulous rehab work Ferne have done. The pic shows just how cool he was – taken moments after arrival.

We soon introduced him to our old pony, Charlie, and they went out together. Toffee’s up for a game, 30 year old Charlie not so much. I’ve taken in upon myself to be Toffee’s buddy – playing chase around the paddock.


Here are Charlie and Toffee keeping a respectful distance on Day 1.

And here’s Toffee looking splendid – pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? – after we enjoyed a little run about on Day 3.

We started him on Microbz immediately he arrived, he’s been out 24/7 coming and going as he pleases from the field shelter. Our lovely hoof trimmer Jayne Hunt has visited and simply for his first visit picked up all his feet – which he does beautifully.

I’ve been introducing him to all the corners of our territory – the railway line adjacent to his field, the telegraph poles that howl in the wind. He’s leading really nicely and we’ve started trotting and stopping in hand and at liberty and going up and down steep little hills to get him to build up his hindquarters. Sessions are short and fun. He’s an absolute star.

Here he is on Day 8. One week after being with us. I think we can see a difference already. What do you think? 

We’ve no plans to ride him, he’s unlikely to be strong enough, my aim is for him to blossom and develop in to a happy horse.

I think he’s looking prouder, more confident. I believe he now needs a new name to reflect his new status. Any ideas what it might be? Does he inspire anything in you that you think would suit him?

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