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How do the microbes work?

Microbes complete the cycle of life through fermentation. They are experts at breaking down dead organisms, animal waste, and plant litter to their basic nutrients and making those nutrients available for new life.

The process of fermentation releases enzymes and chemicals – including carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus – that can be used to build new plants and animals.

What do horses microbebiomes consist of?

There are many different types of microbes in a horse’s gastrointestinal tract. Each one is efficient at digesting different nutritional components and helping the body absorb them. The microbe biome of a horse consists of bacteria, protozoa and fungi.

In one drop of a horse’s cecal fluid, there could be as much as one billion bacteria. Every horse is different, each with their own unique microbiome, meaning that some can eat anything while others can have issues with small changes in their diets.

My horse has PPID (Cushings Disease) but your product has molasses in does this mean my horse can’t use it?

All the sugars are taken out in the fermentation process so in the final product there are no sugars. Microbz products are100% natural for any horse or pony with PPID.

Why should my horse be using your products?

Gut health and well-being are as important in animals as it is humans. Microbz products are natural and safe for your horses and their environment.

How will feeding my horse a probiotic help with their coat and hooves?

People worry about the word “bacteria”. There are three kinds of bacterial microbes good, neutral and bad.

Horses need a balance of these and thankfully only a few of the good bacteria are needed to keep the bad and neutral in check. As long as the balance of good, neutral and bad bacteria remains constant and the gastro-intestinal tract is stable, the horse stays healthy.

Why do my stables and paddock also need microbes?

We don’t like chemicals so why should our horses and paddocks! Cleaning stable bedding with Stable Bio Fresh helps reduce odours, dust and fly infestations.

It is essential that the paddock where a horse grazes is a diverse and natural microbial environment. When the soil is full of minerals and teeming with microbes, then the grazing is healthy which in turn supports a healthy digestive system for your horse. Spraying your paddock with Paddock Bio Green promotes antioxidants which help grasses and plants to grow, but also helps to suppresses docks.

probiotics for humans

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Microbz for Farms

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