Beneficial microbes restore balance. We are passionate about what we brew. Our beneficial microbes provide friendly bacteria to help combat the bad ones. Improve the wellbeing and vitality of your horse and it’s habitat.

The diet of the average domesticated horse is very different to the one they were designed for – almost constant grazing across diverse terrains and habitats – and this has a big impact on the gut microbiome. Healthy horses and healthy environments occur naturally when there is a diversity of microbes.

Microbz products aim to rebalance the environment naturally. The beneficial microbes work co-operatively to create wellbeing in your horse and its habitat for better living.

All our products are handmade by the brewing team at Spirthill, Wiltshire in the UK. Our aim is to work in cooperation (like the microbes) with each other, our partners and our customers. To find out more on the science of microbes you can visit our sister site here and on our FAQs (frequently asked questions).


Our Philosophy

  • We believe in open and honest communications and transparency in our business practises.
  • We like to work with like-minded companies and people.
  • We use organic ingredients where possible.
  • Our products do not contain any genetically modified organisms.
  • We work to keep packaging to a minimum and use compostable, eco-friendly and sustainable consumables wherever possible.
  • We believe in open and honest communication, and transparency in our business practices.

The Labyrinth

A Labryinth’s meandering path represents a journey to our core for reflection and then back out again into the world. The Spirthill team built a labyrinth in 2005 as a tool to remind us of the ever-connected nature of life. Microbes are naturally holistic, they are always looking for balance. When it came time for us to choose a symbol that represented working with them, the labyrinth was a seamless fit.


Microbes flourish in chemical free environments. Therefore the water that we use to brew them is filtered to remove the fluorides and chlorides at source. When you are using your microbes at home please allow water from the tap water to stand for a minimum of two hours so that any chemicals can evaporate. We use ceramics in all our brews to help restructure water molecules. If you are able to use pure water the microbes are more easily absorbed by people, animals and plants.

probiotics for humans

Microbz for You

At they combine active, beneficial microbes in unique blends designed to benefit your health everyday.

Go to the microbz website here.

Microbz for Horses: probiotics & effective microorganisms for naturally healthy horses

Microbz for Pets

At they combine active, beneficial microbes in unique blends designed to create a naturally healthy and balanced environment for your pets and their home.

Go to the microbz for pets website here.

Microbz for Farms: effective microorganisms for farming

Microbz for Farms

At they use beneficial microbes help to improve soil quality and reduce the need for fertilisers.

Go to the microbz for farms website here.

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